The TRX Xmount

The TRX Xmount home gym accessory is the counterpart for the TRX suspension training straps. Suspension training cannot be done without an anchor for the straps to be used with body weight exercises. The most common mount is a door mount and then the XMount anchor by TRX.

TRX X Mount Features

  • 4.5” diameter superior quality steel construction
  • Easy attachment to any sturdy wall, wood stud or beam (2 lag bolts included)
  • Will support ALL TRX Suspension Trainers
  • Best anchoring product on the market for suspension training

With the 4.5” diameter it is easy to conceal and if it is seen the visual is a sharp steel finish and the TRX logo tells the story of why that anchor is there! While you are rocking TRX workouts it is essential there is enough space for the various exercises that will transform your workout life. Therefore, the door mount maybe limiting your potential by having a smaller space to perform your workouts.

The X Mount by TRX is able to be attached to ceilings, wood studs and various beams increasing the workout space needed for more complex exercises to reach a higher level of fitness. Just by chance you may not have the TRX Suspension straps and you are using another brand, X Mount is still the way to go for an anchor system. The quality of the steel and engineering put into this product is far superior to other off brand anchors on the market. Choose an inferior product and the results could be you falling to the ground by a bad bolt mount or straps getting frayed and or tangled.

Where do you mount it in the room?

Your living room, basement, bedroom or garage can become your newest room for working out. One of the main reasons people buy into the TRX suspension training is the freedom to workout almost anywhere, taking the straps to a park using an anchor on a tree, playground equipment or anywhere your mind figures out an anchor is available.

However, when you are home there should be a place where you recognize business is to be done, like being in your office you have a place for the desk and chair. In your workout room you need a space for the workout and place for your anchor.

Having done some research on favorite places to secure the X Mount the middle of your favorite workout room on the ceiling! Why? Space for the exercises is going to be the greatest. While anchoring into a door mount system is easy it only provides about 180 degrees of room for movement.

Now take the ceiling and put the X Mount in the center of the room and you have 360 degrees for the workout…BAM! The X mount is small and not very noticeable, and if a person does see it the aesthetics of the X mount are a clean and high quality look. You also get to tell your story of TRX suspension training sharing one of the best workouts on the market!